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Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, our business partner Securosys is a technology company dedicated to securing data and communications. They develop, produce, and distribute hardware, software and services that protect and verify data and their transmission. Securosys develop, program, and build their products in Switzerland and with vetted partners in Europe.

The Securosys product range is developed by skilled experts and produced in collaboration with trustworthy partners. An important element in Securosys product portfolio is their multifunctional digital key-vaults, the Hardware Security Module (Primus HSM). In addition to the HSM, related solutions such as HSM as a Service as well as Centurion Network Encryptor to establish fully encrypted VPNs, belong to our portfolio.

Securosys products support international standards. They are suitable for all applications where sensitive data are transferred or stored. Securosys solutions fit perfectly into, for example, any kind of PKI environments, blockchain systems, crypto currency or other Fintech based applications.

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LibC Technologies

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, our business partner LibC is a leading provider of solutions and services in IT security. LibC provides expert software development in authentication, encryption and digital signature in order to help clients get the most from their systems, control costs, improve performance, and reduce risks across their enterprise.

LibC have a large portfolio in industry standard security products such as SwissPKI, Secure Email, SSL Provisioning, ASCIA Perimeter IDS and many others.

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